Adaptiv Technology inc

ATI news Spring 2017

ATI Special Affiliate News By Darrel Vickers, President Who we are: Adaptive Technology Inc. is a special interest affiliate of MCB. Because we are an affiliate, if you are a member of ATI you are a full member of MCB. For example, if you are a member of ATI there is no reason to also be a member at large. What We Do: 1. We discuss, support and encourage adaptive (assistive) technology for the blind. 2.
We host the vendor room at the MCB convention. 3 We have our own web site with a plethora of information about technology and how to get the most out of it. What is Adaptive Technology: Adaptive or assistive technology can be anything which helps a blind person carry out their everyday task and maintain as much independence as possible. In my case, I lost my sight gradually due to a rare retinal disease. Specialized adaptive technology, such as a CCTV, computer display magnification software and screen reading software, saved my career that I loved. I was able to support my family, help the kids through college and retire because I wanted to and not because I had to. Membership: I invite anyone with an interest in adaptive technology or who wants to know more about it to join us. To join, visit and click the membership tab. Or contact me. Dues are $15 annually. Featured Product: PenFriend Audio Labeler. Label Anything with Your Voice - No Braille Needed Revolutionary labelling system for anyone who's blind; no Braille required. Select item, peel off back of label and stick it on, Touch tip of PenFriend to label and hold down button to record your message. Shaped like a fat pen with speaker at the top, buttons down the side, and sensitive tip at the bottom. Use to label anything, leave audio messages, and as a note-taker. No limit to length of recorded messages; up to 250 hours of recording time. Available from The Braille Super Store or Maxi Aids and cost around $149.00 Until next time, Darrel